Wednesday, September 22, 2010

MG 00 Qan[T]

Well, surprisingly this isn't really surprising eh? [what the.. hahaha..]
actually I already thought that this kit gonna make it too MG, though not to satisfied because preferred MG 00 Raiser first and maybe MG Reborns hahaha.. [well keep dreamin' Mafty!]. But after saw some of the first images of it's prototype..


Just wow.. Actually this kit maybe really deserved to be a MG first, but I really wonder, if this is the final version of MG Qan[T]? [I have a hunch that it will has an add on or additional weapons].

But what about the MG wishlist polls? I thought MG 00 Raiser and MG V2 deserved to be MG too, well maybe Bandai will keep it for Christmas gift eh?

Anyone here will get this? November release with approx 4,500 Yen [4,725 Yen for JP]
Well hot release also at this October is MG ReZel, for me this kit actually promising, but I need to spend some money to other else [Front Mission Evolved, Little Big Planet 2, and probably Gundam Musou 3 which will spend a lot of my wallet T_T]. And not to mention recent MG Deathscythe exclusive box and kit.. Really awesome.. Lots of decent MG recently eh?


  1. WHERE IS MY FREAKING MG 00 Raiser!!!?

    I got a feeling what if after we bought MG 00 Quanta.. next thing u know.. they released MG 00 Quanta Full Saber... just like MG V and V Dash >_<;;;;;;;

    Have to wait moarrrrrrrrr see what bandai do next...

  2. Bandai will definitely milk all it can out of this unit. This Gundam received the fastest MG treatment in Gunpla history!

    I'm going to wait until I see a "fuller" version... like a Full Saber set would be nice :D. As of now, my reaction is just "meh..."

  3. i dont need the full saber or whatnot~~ this one is enough for mee~~~~ nyahahahhahaaha~~~ i dont care about MSVs stuffs~~

  4. I don't think about weapon variation but maybe color variation,If you don't have money how about wait for a while I don't think model kit sold out that fast except you buy from store.

  5. I always love seeing a kit in prototype color, almost all prototype images have a little poison effect to me.

    Qanta doesn't have any extra weapons or upgrade in the movie, but it does have the quantum system. I hope this MG is capable of doing that.

  6. @Tsuki: hahaha.. but don't you worry tsuki, MG never wrong..
    like the V, they will include the additional pack only too [well hopefully] so, we can still get it hehe..
    But then yeah I have to agree with you MG 00 Raiser deserve a MG treatment..

    @Z: Yep, I thought so, this is fishy, for something that new, it's to fast to be a MG.. there something wrong about this hahaha...

    @ZD: Orz ZD hahaha... but surely it's really highly detailed..

    @Aya: hmm, I think it's a great advice, sure I will wait it first, surely ZD will buy it first, then I will look at his review.. Mwuahahaha...

    @Heat: Really?? T_T I wonder, when we can watch the movie hahaha [tau kan maksudku heat? hehe..

  7. i'll hold my horses for both kit too.. too many backlogs and MG kits are unlikely to disappear anytime soon. XD haha.. PG Strike Freedom looks more tempting IF it has some first release bonuses... ^^


  8. @ren: hahaha.. sure it will come with bonuses, maybe special effect stand? or the wing effect parts?

  9. Ah, yes, there are a lot of good PS3 title that is coming to the market...I'm pretty confused because of that too :D
    After taking a closer look, MG 00 Qan is more tempting than Rezel...didn't plan to get any of them soon though...

  10. Leon : LED for PG Strike Freedom sold separately