Thursday, July 22, 2010

Recent MGs Part Two, EDITED

So, MG ReZEL is the answer of my curiosity about the next MG..
is this kit is ver Ka or not? is this kit will have the commander unit ver like it's HG version?
for a 4,800Yen, this kit is really tempting.. I'm gonna wait and see first, because the prototype isn't out yet, and maybe.. just maybe.. they will include the commander unit ver in this kit too.. Who knows right?

Actually MG Deathscythe is tempting too, but consider I still prefer the Hell OVA Ver, so I will skip this kit,
this is a pic to "poison" some of you here which can't resist it.. Te-he-he...

It looks really cool with it's scythe and the clear green parts..

Oh yeah, btw for this upcoming games at certain console ACE:R, anyone here will get this game? they include a decent list starting from Code Geass R2, Macross Frontier, Crossbone Gundam, and the most surprising is OG Series.. Wow.. But no 00 series eh?


  1. maybe bandai will announced MG rezel commander after this.

  2. Nah even of gundam 00 ^^ The rest of the cast more than makes up for it!!!

    Hehe eagerly waiting for a copy of that !!

  3. @Aya: just maybe, well who knows? should we wait n see first before buying this?

    @chubbs: well yeah sure, I'm more happy if they will add more OG units hehe..

  4. well, for me deathscythe is more tempting than rezel... but I have to resist...

    ab first ^^

  5. wait first mafty.
    both are great models with great designs, hahahah

  6. RG! RG! RG! MG ReZEL? urr...gonna see the real stuff first..whether can "play" or not (of course, play in my own way XD)

  7. Won't work on me, I will retire from gunpla and barely playing game :P

  8. Ace:R HAS AQUARION!! Oh wait no H ish gattai, Sad face D:

    I should realy get a PS3 soon

    IM really Happy about the Regular REZELS, they look better than the comander type,my opinion of course^^

  9. @divine: ab? what's that? V2 ab? hehe..

    @heat: yeah.. should wait first eh?

    @zd: what the.. OMG I never know that you want to "play" with that ZD, I though you already have your own thing to "play" XD

    @aya: woah, how come?

    @gunstray: YESS!! PS3 is a must!! hahaha..
    well I think I will wait first like heat said..

    Aquarion eh? hahaha... well I want to use Lancelot Albion actually...

  10. I'm not really excited about deathschyte, but Rezel is just like what you said, Tempting!

  11. @h4mster: yep, hopefully they will release the commander version..