Thursday, November 26, 2009

MG Victory Ver Ka

Another MG for this December
MG Victory Ver Ka for 3990 yen.
Katoki design always feel exclusive for me, therefore usually I will buy them.. (I have Unicorn ver Ka and Sinanju ver Ka, both are a marvelous kits, not to mention that I fall in love with Crossbone X-1 ver Ka too)
The parts that I like about this MG is the plastic color.. Ver Ka plastic color really different with ordinary MG kit.. also ver Ka's level of parts detail. So what do you think guys about this MG?
This time though very tempted to buy, I choose to skip it because of consideration of MG V2 or saving my money over MG GN-X at January 2010.

Saturday, November 21, 2009

MG GN-X Next

Stumbled across this info at ngeekhiong.blogspot
Bandai will make a new MG this January 2010 and it's MG GN-X from gundam 00 season 1.

Personally I think this is the best MS to stand with MG Exia..
Will wait and see before deciding to buy it, and do hope come with additional lance weapon from GN XIII (rather impossible, but still hoping). But still it's riffle is already awesome enough for me (can swap between beam riffle and beam machine gun mode)

Can't wait until January.. Will be sold at 3,780Yen

Friday, November 20, 2009

Testing First Post

Hi, everyone..
I started out a blog after see some of my friends started out their blog earlier than me.
At first I did't know what to do with a blog so I didn't make one that time until I know lately that one of the blog function is to share our interests with friends, readers, etc which also have the same interests with us.. keeping us informed also keeping us in touch with each others..

well not by long I will start my blog..
I think I will pick anime, gunpla, games, Japanese songs, foods theme, because it's my favorite
things.. maybe a bit of share of photography and movies comments.. (I like watch movies but rarely to do so ^^;)

welcome to my blog and thanks for visiting my blog, have a nice visit :3

PS: Images Gundam and ManaKhemia2 is from their respectives owner